Research Directory

A new directory of the research interests of participants in the Yale Program in the History of the Book.  To be included in this directory, please write Kathryn James
( listing your name, e-mail, institutional affiliation, and brief description of your research topics and/or fields.

Prof Dario Del Puppo
Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College
Italian Studies; medieval manuscript culture; book history

Molly Dotson
Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

Roberta Dougherty
Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University
Printing in Middle Eastern countries; printing in Arabic-script languages

Professor Kairui Fang
Department of English, Yale University
American literature; fiction and fiction translation studies

Jan Hagens
Divinity School and Department of Comparative Literature, Yale University
Early Modern Drama; Late 15th-/Early 16th-Century Humanism

Professor Kazuharu Inoue
School of Law, Tohoku University
Criminal Procedure; Law of Evidence; Anglo-American Legal history

Kathryn James
Beinecke Library, Yale University
Early modern British history; history of the book; collecting; history of libraries and librarians

Maria Kaliambou
Hellenic Studies Program, Yale University
Books of Greek Americans / Popular Literature

Prof David Scott Kastan
Department of English, Yale University
Early modern British literature and culture; history of the book; editing and editorial theory

Nancy Marquez
History Programme, Victoria University of Wellington
Early Modern Circulation of Scientific Books in Latin America and Southeast Asia

Emerson Morgan
Department of Music, Harvard University
Medieval chant; liturgy; theology; codicology

Tessie Prakas
Department of English, Yale University
Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, especially devotional poetry and poetics; conversion narratives; print and material culture; music and literature

Aaron T. Pratt
Department of English, Yale University
Early modern British literature and culture, especially printed drama and the Bible; history of the book and the book trade; textual criticism

Andrew Quintman
Department of Religious Studies, Yale University
Buddhism in Tibet and the Himalayas; book/manuscript production; printing in Himalayan regions

Claudia Rammelt
Department of Classics / Renaissance Studies, Yale University
Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern Italian Historiography

Richard Ring
Watkinson Library, Trinity College
Book collecting by people and institutions in America, 1700-1950

Dr Barbara Shailor
Department of Classics, Yale University
Paleography; codicology; book history

Justine Walden
Department of History / Renaissance Studies, Yale University
Book History (Print and Manuscript); Early Modern History; Religion; Italy; Bibles

Dean William Whobrey
Yale College; Department of German Literature
Monastic libraries; medieval German literature

Mike Widener
Rare Book Library, Yale Law School
History of legal literature; law libraries

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